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Crimes Classification
person Person/Individual
property Property
society Society

Traffics Classification
fatality Fatality
injury Injury
non-injury Non-Injury
non-injury Traffic Citation

Calls Classification
calls Calls for Service


This website provides users the ability to view crimes, traffic accidents, and call for service (Police Activity, i.e. traffic stops, 911 calls, crimes, etc) in an interactive mapping format. All data is provided by Leawood Police Department and allows the user to search data from Jan 01, 2004 to Jun 18, 2024. Be aware though that some crimes and/or traffic accidents data may be delayed from view for approximately five business days due to our agency's approval process. In addition, to protect the privacy of victims, reports with crimes which would identify the victim as under 18 years of age and/or sexual offenses (i.e. rape) will not be shown on the map.

To use the site, select parameters from the "Filter crimes" section above and press the "Update Map" button. You can re-center and zoom the map image by using your mouse over the top of the map. Recentering and zooming the map will dynamically update the list of selected crimes unless the "Update Data on Map Pan/Zoom" radio button is unchecked.

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