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This website provides users the ability to view registered offenders in Johnson County, KS. All data is provided and maintained Johnson County Sheriff Office and is updated daily.

Click a record in the table to expand and collapse more information for an offender. You can re-center and zoom the map image by dragging your mouse over the top of the map. Re-centering and zooming Google Map w/ Points/Density Toggle the map will dynamically update the list of selected crimes. Some offender points may be stacked (or not visible) when more than one offender is listed at a particular location. Use the switch in the upper left of the map area to to toggle between the points and density layer on the map.

By using this site, you agree to the Crime Data Disclaimer and Johnson County Sheriff Disclaimer contained herein.

For more information regarding this website, please call 913-715-5460.

Legend - Offense Types
Sex Violent Drug Non-compliant

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