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JCW Line Cleaning & Information

Searching for a Location
Enter your Address or Property ID in the "Search for:" box at the top to view wastewater line cleaning information for a specific location. The "Search for:" input box will validate your address, property id as you type. Once you have entered at least three valid characters, a dropdown list will populate with possible matches. This process is also helpful in confirming if an address or property id is valid. Google Map w/ Property Lines example

Using the Maps
The map presented in the right of the information page allows you to see the address you entered in relation to the wastewater service area or JCW districts. See Google Maps for more information about navigating the map.

A sample image of the plat map is provided for platted properties. This image can provide valuable information regarding easements, setbacks, and other pertinent information about proposed development on the parcel. This image is taken from the recorded plat that was recorded at the county at the time of platting. Plat Map image example Use your mousewheel to zoom in on the image and left-mouseclick and drag the image to pan once zoomed in. Links to download or purchase the full recorded high resolution plat is also provided.

About the data
The information in this page is made possible by the collaborative efforts of Johnson County departments and other non-county sources. Automated Information Mapping System (AIMS) is responsible for compiling and presenting the data on this page. Data overlaid on the Google and Bing basemaps is intended to be a representation of the data, may contain inaccuracies, and is provided for planning purposes only. Most of the data on this page is available for purchase or download. Please contact AIMS or visit the AIMS website for more information.
Automated Information Mapping Systems (AIMS) provides access to the data used in this page. AIMS offers a variety of ways for users to access this and other county data from free data downloads and digital data requests to online applications and subscriptions services. Visit AIMS’ Products and Services page or contact the AIMS Mapper of the Day (913-715-1600) for more information.

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This website is made possible by the collaborative efforts of Johnson County AIMS and Wastewater

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Information on this page is provided by AIMS and the various Johnson County departments and cities that provide data to the land records system.
The data in this page can be purchased through the AIMS website.